Welcome to Active Washrooms, As a washroom and hygiene provider we understand the importance of your washroom whether that be a Feminine Hygiene Unit a Nappy Bin or a Soap Dispenser. Here at Active Washrooms we aim to make a real difference to washroom services supplying a top quality service for an honest price.

Our Services Include:

Feminine Hygiene Units

15L Capacity
20L Capacity
15L Capacity
20L Capacity


Bio Bin

A Feminine Hygiene Bin or Sanitary Unit is crucial for the provision of a clean and pleasant washroom environment. Our dedicated team of male and female representatives provide a discreet, professional service exchanging your sanitary bins or servicing your washroom equipment on a regular basis to ensure you can always be confident you are conforming with government legislation.

Active Washrooms provide Full UK Coverage including Northern Ireland with low cost effective pricing for sanitary disposal and all other washroom services with one billing point and one contact point.

All our sanitary bins are either foot pedal operated or automatic
 for hand free use promoting better hygiene, Active Washrooms also offer designer and electronic models for customers wishing to create that extra welcoming to their washroom.

All our sanitary units are charged with a highly effective sanitising agent to eliminate odours and kill bacteria inside the bin. The sanitising agent is effective against Hepatitis and other such infections.

On each service you will be provided with a cleaned and sterilised bin, servicing is either Weekly, Fortnightly, Four Weekly or Monthly and is carried out in a professional discreet, and hygienic manner.

We provide a stylish range of contemporary Feminine Hygiene Bins (Sanitary Units) which are available in clean white or discreet grey finishes and incorporating anti-vandal, easy clean features which are available in either 15L or 20L so we have a Feminine Hygiene Bin to fit all types of washrooms.

In addition to these we also supply platinum and chrome units for customers wishing to create that extra special feel to their washroom 

In addition to sanitary units, Active Washrooms also provide Nappy Disposal Units, Sharps Disposal, Swabs & Dressings Disposal, Automatic Air Freshener Dispensers, Air Purification, Water Management Systems, Urinal Water Saving Devices, Washroom Vending Machines, Soap Dispensers, Paper Dispensers, Toilet Roll Holders, WC & Urinal Sanitising Systems, Water Saving Taps, Roller Towels, Toilet Seat Sanitisers, Surface Sanitisers, Hand Sanitisers, Nappy Sack Dispensers, Baby Changing Units & Child Safety Seats, Baby Changing Table Sanitisers, Bulk Clinical Waste, First Aid Kits, Body Spillage Kits, and Warm Air Hand & Hair Dryers.

Duty of Care documentation is provided by all companies showing where your waste is taken to and how it is disposed off. You will also have a proper record of when your waste is collected and disposed off to keep you on the right side of the legislation. Active Washrooms can provide you with the legal documentation giving you peace of mind that your waste has been removed in the correct manner.
Our Registration number is CB/FE5881QK

Active Washrooms will provide you with..

  • Full compliance to your Duty of Care & legal responsibilities
  • Full waste transfer service
  • Fully trained Male or Female operatives
  • Regular feminine hygiene disposal bag or bin exchange
  • Multiple service frequencies
  • Antimicrobial liners
  • Free Duty Of Care Certificates & Annual Waste Transfer Notes
  • Proof of service card, left on each & every service visit

15 & 20L Capacity

Introducing the latest addition to our range of services Ruby Red is a bright and vibrant colour, Active Washrooms Ruby Red range of products will make a bold statement for customers, employees and visitors whilst standing out in any washroom.

You should already have a sanitary unit in place within your workplace, if not heres where Active Washrooms can help whilst supporting The British Heart Foundation at the same time.

With an exclusive and vibrant colour, we want to make a statement through the introduction of our Ruby Red sanitary unit.

The British Heart Foundation is the nations heart charity and the largest independent funder of cardiovascular research.

There pioneering research has helped to transform the lives of people living with heart and circulatory conditions.

For every Ruby Red sanitary unit service taken out, Active Washrooms will donate the entire proceeds to its chosen charity The British Heart Foundation.

Our unique Ruby Red Sanitary Unit is exclusive to Active Washrooms, sleek in design, making it a bold statement in any washroom.

Our Ruby Red sanitary unit offers you a comfortable, easy to use feminine hygiene solution, with a front opening flap and large wrap around pedal.

Active Washrooms is committed to providing an unrivalled level of service to businesses across the UK. It is our intention to raise awareness and money for heart conditions supporting our chosen charity The British Heart Foundation. Please visit our JustGiving page to hear to make a donation.


  • Contemporary design, with family cues
  • Robust carrying handle for ease of cleaning washroom floors
  • Clean red finish
  • Wall mounting bracket for easy cleaning
  • Compact 15 or 20 litre design for tight applications
  • Engineered with robust performance in mind and manufactured from tough ABS plastic
  • Discreet, low friction modesty flap
  • Large, wrap around pedal for simple activation
  • Front opening flap for positioning flexibility
  • Dimensions (mm): 567 x 423 x 156
Modesty Bag Service

Our modesty bag dispenser service makes a caring statement to your customers, staff and visitors. They aid service and promote washroom hygiene, Our dispensers are designed to be installed alongside our Feminine Hygiene Units.

Our modesty bag dispenser is designed to be simply installed via an adhesive pad and has been designed for single bag dispensing to help control consumable costs. The dispenser is available in white or chrome finishes.

Nappy Disposal Bins

60L Nappy Bins

Designed with robust performance in mind, our nappy bins have a large 60 litre capacity which are easy to service with a large, easy to use pedal and contemporary, easy to wipe down design.

  • Large 60 litre capacity to suit a range of service cycles which can be either Weekly or Fortnightly.
  • Large capacity makes it ideal for high traffic washrooms such as shopping centres and day nurseries. 
  • Clean White, Grey or Yellow finish
  • Contemporary, easy to wipe down design
  • Designed to offer reliable, robust performance
  • Sloped lid prevents heavy items such as bags being placed on top, reducing the risk of breakage
  • Pedal operated for hygienic, no touch disposal of waste
  • Discreet, low friction modesty flap hides bin contents from view
  • Manufactured from ABS plastic for superior performance
  • Bag tidy hooks prevent liners from slipping during use
  • Hidden clip for freshener sachets to ensure powerful, pleasant fragrancing between services
  • Quick, tool free access
Medical Waste Bin

Our 50 Litre medical bins are perfect for all types of medical waste disposal including swabs & dressings. The medical bin from Active Washrooms has a large waste holding capacity while remaining compact, modern and attractive in design. It is pedal operated to ensure maximum hygiene and a modesty flap ensures waste is not visible to your staff, customers or visitors while the unit's large centrally positioned aperture makes waste disposal easy.

Our medical bins are ideal for doctors and dental surgeries, hospitals, schools and colleges, clinics & medical centres through to business with medical rooms.


  • Removable hygienic bin protects bin from soiling / eases cleaning
  • Designed throughout to minimise dirt traps
  • Foot pedal operated for hands-free operation
  • Removable hygienic bin
  • Large centrally positioned aperture for easy waste disposal
  • Built in odour control system
  • Modesty flap ensures waste inside is not visible
  • Compact, modern and attractive design
  • Hassle free servicing either weekly or fortnightly
  • Colour available - Yellow
Washroom Waste Bins

Our washroom waste bins are an ideal way of displaying to your customers, you care about there well being whilst they are in your washroom. By providing a waste bin in your washroom it not only makes a statement that you care but also keeps your washroom area clean and tidy.

Our washroom waste bins can either be free standing or wall mountable, keeping your floor area clear as well as free if space is of a minimum.


  • Sleek, Modern & Contemory Design
  • 25 Litre Capacity (Chrome), 40 Litre Capacity (White)
  • Free Standing or Wall Mountable
  • Available In Both White Or Chrome
  • Easy To Keep Clean
  • Solid & Durable Construction
  • Consealed Liner Retainer Ensuring The Bag Is Out Of Site
  • Height 665mm x Width 665mm x Depth 185mm
  • Hassle Free Servicing

Sharps Disposal

So Why Do I Need A Sharps Unit?

If you run a business such as a Hairdressers, Barbers or Beauty Salon you should all have a sharps disposal unit for razor blades and the fine needles used in many beauty treatments.

What is sharps waste? 

Sharps consist of sharp instruments including Hypodermic Needles, Scalpels, Knives etc.The responsible disposal of sharps forms part of your duty of care. We will provide you with secure sharps disposal units advising you every step of the way.

Our sharps units are also ideal for schools & colleges looking to provide safe sharps disposal for their employees and children with diabetes and other severe allergies. 

Many employees require a safe way to dispose of auto injectors and so a sharps disposal unit is a must for any first aid room.

What types of businesses require sharps units?

  • Any business that employes staff, who have a medical condition and require safe sharps disposal.
  • Doctors Surgeries & Health Centres
  • Vetinary Surgeries
  • Dental Practices
  • Shopping Centres
  • Department Stores
  • Local Authorities
  • Residential & Nursing Homes
  • Gyms and Health Centres

Our sales team can advise on your legal obligations when it comes to Sharps Disposal Units, We can also advise on which service frequency which best suits your business requirements.

Controlled Drug Disposal

Active Washrooms can provide a range of drug destruction kits that effectively denature controlled drugs. Our destruction kits are available as a 250ml or 500ml pre-charged container.

Once your controlled drugs has been denatured, we can arrange to securely transport them to our treatment facility for disposal.

Dental Waste Echange

All dental practices produce a wide variety of dental waste, some of which contain mercury. Active Washrooms is ideally placed to offer you the best advise possible, and the most appropriate dental waste solution.

A full range of dental waste UN approved containers are provided, with a compliant collection and disposal service.

Opthalmic Waste Disposal

Active Washrooms provide a tailor made opthalmic waste disposal service to meet all your needs for all types of opthalmic waste. We can provide a collection service for all your minims, flourets and contact lenses.

Gypsum Waste

Active Washrooms provide a waste collection service & recycling on dental study moulds which contain gypsum.

We offer regular service schedules on a weekly, 2 weekly, 4 weekly, quarterly, 6 monthly and annual service schedule.

Washroom Hygiene Monitors

When washroom users see a hygiene monitor fixed to a washroom wall, they immediately feel confident that the facilities are regularly cleaned to the highest possible standards. Why? Because the monitor sends out a powerful message that your company is serious about your washroom cleanliness, which means you care about your customers, staff and visitors.

We offer a range of five types of hygiene monitors, these are Standard, Standard Plus, Professional, Professional Plus and Ultima. (All of which use a four digit LCD display and are serviced on a monthly basis.


  • LCD 4 digit display
  • Countdown Mins / Hours
  • Optional infared red remote
  • Magnet reset 
  • SMS text messaging
  • Battery / Mains operated
  • Manual programming
  • Computer programming
  • Custom colours & designs available
  • Hassle free servicing
Air Freshening - Aerosole 

LCD Dispensers

LED Dispensers

Our air fresheners are Ideal for both high and low traffic areas, our LED dispensers offer a frequent and constant fragrance dispensing bursts of fragrance throughout the day at every 7.5, 15 or 30 minutes. Whilst our LCD dispensers give complete control, the LCD range allows fragrances to be dispensed on selected days of the week, and at selected time periods, matching your staff, customers and visitors needs 

Both our LED & LCD dispensers are available in Black, Chrome & White the classic design is perfect for contemporary and classic washrooms alike.

Air Freshening - Non Aerosole 

The V-Air SOLID is an air freshener like no other, it provides up to 60 days fragrance in a completely environmentally friendly manner. The versatile air freshener is an ideal odour control system for use in many different environments ranging from Hotels, Care Homes, Gyms and other types of requirements requiring a fragrance. 

The V-Air SOLID uses pioneering multi-phasing, sub micron air freshener technology through a passive dispenser and solid fragrance cartridge, delivering consistent fragrence intensity. V-Air SOLID is completely free from any solvents, propellants and batteries categorising it as one of the safest and smartest air fresheners available.


  • Fragrance Life Of Up To 30 Days
  • Coverage Of Up To 170m
  • Universal Fit
  • Five fragrances Available: Cool Mint, Cucumber Melon, Apple Orchard, Ocean Spray & Citrus Mango 
  • No Batteries or Liquids Required
  • Available in White or Chrome
  • No Programming Required 
  • Wall Mountable
  • Hassle Free Servicing by our trained service technicians

HYScent Solo Range

A compact fragrancing solution for small to medium size spaces

White Solo

Black Solo

Chrome Solo

The HYscent Solo brings the highest quality fragrancing to smaller spaces, Not only can the Solo be mounted on a wall, but its portability offers unlimited options for use ranging from From toilets to reception areas, changing rooms to office areas.

The Solo is the most versatile of fragrancing devices, HYscent fragrances are made from pure essential oils and are synergistically formulated with Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant doors.

  • No aerosols, harmful solvents, or propellants
  • Uses pure essential oils
  • Refill cartridges are recyclable
  • Attack and neutralize malodors Odoraxe™
  • Unique cylindrical design offers an ergonomic look
  • Available in White, Black & Chrome
  • Replace refill in seconds, with easy “one click” loading
  • Locks onto wall mounting plate provided
  • Single-fan technology runs silently
  • Option of either day or 24hr operation
  • Battery Operated
  • Eighteen fragrances to choose from including Apple Jack, Linen, Cafe Mocha, Lavender, Cherry Almond, Mango, Cinnamon, Ocean, Citronella, Pink Grapefruit, Citrus, Pomegranate Plum, Powder, Red Raspberry, Unscented, Vanilla, Waterlily & West Indian Lemongrass. 
  • Hassle Free Servicing by our trained service technicians
HYScent Dual Range

The first impression lasts and lasts and lasts with the HYscent Dual, 2 fragrances – 1 device!

White Dual

Black Dual

Chrome Dual

The modern and sleekly designed Dual can easily be wall mounted or displayed on a desktop stand as a welcome addition to a room’s decor. The ultimate solution for overcoming numb nose to the same fragrance. Use the alternating setting feature to regularly create a fresh scent. Use the dual setting to create a unique blend of two HYscent fragrances delivering your own custom aroma. HYscent fragrances are made from pure essential oils and are synergistically formulated with Odoraxe™, a Malodor Technology scientifically designed and tested to effectively counteract unpleasant odours.

  • No aerosols, harmful solvents, or propellants
  • Uses pure essential oils
  • Refill cartridges are recyclable
  • Fragrances up to 750 sq. ft. in minutes
  • Excellent for medium and large-sized rooms
  • Attack and neutralize malodors Odoraxe™
  • Unique cylindrical design offers an ergonomic look
  • Available in White, Black & Chrome
  • Replace refill in seconds, with easy “one click” loading
  • Locks onto wall mounting plate provided
  • Dual-fan technology runs silently
  • Option of either Day or 24hr Operation
  • Battery Operated
  • Eighteen fragrances to choose from including Apple Jack, Linen, Cafe Mocha, Lavender, Cherry Almond, Mango, Cinnamon, Ocean, Citronella, Pink Grapefruit, Citrus, Pomegranate Plum, Powder, Red Raspberry, Unscented, Vanilla, Waterlily & West Indian Lemongrass. 
  • Hassle Free Servicing by our trained service technicians
Air Sterile

Washrooms with offensive odours are a sure sign that they are unhygienic and a health hazard for staff, customers and visitors. Air sterile uses the latest technology to actually remove odours rather than just masking them, eliminating odours and improving washroom hygiene.

The Air Sterile from Active Washrooms can also be used in a number of other areas other than just in the washroom, these areas include Doctors & Dental Waiting Rooms, Reception Areas, Mother & Baby Rooms, Corridors and Locker room areas.

Improving air quality in restrooms will clear odours and improve the healthcare of your staff and visitors. The AirSteril Thermal U/V Washroom Range eliminates unpleasant washroom odours and controls harmful bacteria and viruses both in the air and on all exposed surfaces 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Odours and infections are created by bacteria, viruses, mould, fungi and volatile organic compounds in the air and on surfaces.

Washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses. With every flush, toilets and urinals force faecal micro-organisms into the air, settling on washroom surfaces. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and people who do not wash their hands all add to the hygiene problem. 


  • Eradicate Offensive Odours
  • Control Infections & Improve Healthcare
  • Improve Overall Environment For Staff, Customers, Visitors & Residents
  • Enhance Your Public Image
  • Cut Cleaning Your Costs
  • Cut Contamination Down Time
  • Reduce Staff Absenteesim
  • Comply With Regulations
  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Suitable For Various Environments
  • Hasstle Free Servicing By Our Trained & Knowledgable Service Technicians
  • Choice of White or Chrome Finishes
Omniscent® Large Space Fragrance System

The Omniscent® large space fragrance delivery system from Active Washrooms provides continuous and consistent fragrance delivery to large interior spaces, creating a positive user experience in areas such as large washrooms, gyms, reception areas and hotels. One unit is capable of fragrancing an area of up to 500 cubic metres. The range of  fragrances are extensive and derived from wood, fruit, spices, flowers etc. Bespoke and specific fragrances can be recreated as required.


  • Fully programmable 
  • Choice of Low, Medium or High output
  • Optional hours / days of operation
  • Serviced replaceable ceramic cartridge 
  • Part of our co-ordinated range of washroom products
  • Suitable for both fixed installation or portable applications
  • Lockable dispenser for added security against vandalism 
  • Cartridge life of up to four weeks
  • Hassle free servicing

The Microzone is designed to effectively eliminate mal-odours, the Microzone uses ceramic plate technology to produce consistent ozone output, destroying bacteria and unpleasant washroom scents. This compact and discreet unit purifies air to create beautifully fresh washrooms.

    The Microzone utilises safe ozone technology to attack problem odours.

    The Microzone is the ideal solution to persistent problem areas such Washrooms & Locker Rooms, Gyms, Changing Rooms, & Swimming Pools and can be used in conjunction with metered fragrances.


    • Compact, Discreet & Stylish
    • Low Noise Level
    • Flexible Ozone Output Dial Designed To Work Comfortably Within EU Safety Guidelines
    • Illuminated Power On Indicator / Safety Cut Off Switch
    • Lockable Unit With Generic Key
    • Wall Or Desk Mounting Options
    • Part Of Our Co-ordinated Washroom Range
    • Serviced At Regular Intervals By Qualified & Trained Service Personnel
    • Hassle Free Servicing
    V-Fresh - Universal Air Freshener

    The V-Fresh is a solid state universal air freshener with added malodour eliminating micro pours materials to combat bad odours.


    The innovative V-Fresh can be easily installed on to any hard surface using the integrated suction cup, out of sight from staff and visitors. An integrated hanging slot means it can also be hung from a variety of objects.


    For example, it can be used in or on the side of toilet bowls, urinals, tiled walls or glass windows. The V-Fresh is available in a choice of five fragrances including Apple Orchid, Citrus Mango, Cool Mint, Cucumber Melon and Ocean Spray.

    • Choice Of Five Fragrances
    • Discreet In Size
    • Integrated Suction Cup For Wall Mounting
    • Integrated Hanging Slot
    • Hassle Free Servicing

    Virtual Janitors

    Our Virtual Janitor system is capable of being fitted to your Urinal or WC system attacking foul odours at source using antimicrobial agents to kill bacteria growth within urinal pipes. The built in metered fragrance is dispensed to ensure that washrooms are continually fragranced, sanitized and clean. The choice of chrome and white units fit perfectly with a 30 or 60 day service cycle. Our Refills are available in Apple Mint or Clementine.

    Timed Urinal Control REDUCE YOUR WATER CONSUMPTION BY 90% 

    Fantastic water savings! Combine this product with the our biological urinal sleeves to achieve dramatic water savings!

    Sensaflush® is a urinal flush management system designed to drastically reduce your water consumption by up to 90% through eradicating unnecessary and expensive water wastage.
    The programmable and highly versatile Sensaflush® system differentiates between ''active'' and ''idle'' periods in the washroom and only flushes when motion is detected and a flush is needed.

    If detection does not occur within a 12 hour period Sensaflush® automatically provides a sanitising flush, meaning further water can be saved.

    Our timed urinal control system is available as a either battery operated unit, this easy to fit device is best used in conjunction with our serviced chemical or biological urinal sleeve range, delivering economical water savings as well as reducing blockages in urinal pipes and associated call outs.

    How can i save money by having a Sensaflush Water Management System Installed?

    With Sensaflush Water Management System you have the ability to mach your washroom requirements without compromising on the hygiene standards of your facility. You can actually save up to 90% of water as you are only using water when it is needed - saving the water that would usually be wasted.

    Cost comparisons on a 15 Litre tank

      Unmanaged Urinal with Sensaflush
    Water Management System
     Flushes per hour 4 2
     Hours per day 24 8
     Days per week 7 5
     Weeks per year 52 52
     Litres per year 524,160 65,000
     COST PER YEAR £1,189.84 £148.73

    Saving of £1,041.11 per year!

    Based on an average UK water cost of £2.27 per m3, This can be reduced further when having our Sensaflush Water Management System installed.

    Chemical Urinal Sleeve

    Our chemical urinal sleeves can be used with any cleaning agents, making them an easy add on to your washroom service whilst ensuring that your urinals stay fresh smelling and pipes remain clear of blockages. The significant water savings that this product can offer you when combined with the timed urinal controller, alongside the strong citrus fragrance have made this a must have for every male washroom.

    Biological Urinal Sleeve

    Our Biological Urinal Sleeves are an ideal choice for environmentally conscious environments, our biological sleeves deliver significant water savings when used in combination with our timed urinal controller. Powerful enzymes work to keep urinal pipes clear whilst delivering a fresh, clean scent to your washroom.



    Urinals present a common breeding ground for bad odours through the build up of uric salt. The V-Screen urinal screen offers an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free flowing, and combats odour control between washroom cleaning visits.


    How Does V-Screen work?


    The V-screen fits over the drain or urinal and acts as a net to catch debris such as cigarettes, papers and other refuse. Incorporated within the V-Screen is a mal-odour eliminating substance which has the ability to deodorise smells that may exist within the urinal. A pleasant fragrance is provided by the use of an additional scent additive keeping the urinal fresh for upto 30 days. A choices of of five fragrances are available including Apple Orchid, Citrus Mango, Cool Mint, Cucumber Melon and Ocean Spray.

    Manual or Automatic Soap Dispensers 

    Our soap dispensers have an attractive and contemporary design about them, combining reliability and easy to service features with a contemporary look about them. Our manual soap dispenser offers the ideal dispensing solution for high or low traffic washrooms. 

    Features Include:
    • Large 1000ml capacity to suit a range of our no hassle service cycles
    • Variable dose pump can be set to dispense 0.5ml or 1ml to allow soap consumption to be matched to service cycle
    • Stylish white or chrome finish
    • Textured, grey operation button is easy to use
    • Clear plastic lens to easily see when soap needs replenishing
    • Contemporary design

    Toilet Seat Sanitisers 

    Combining stylish design and easy serviceability our Toilet Seat Sanitiser Dispenser makes the ideal addition to your washroom. The dispenser delivers a measured dose of sanitising liquid onto a tissue which can then be used to clean the toilet seat, keeping your washrooms hygienic and giving your staff, customers and visitors peace of mind.

    Features Include:

    • Large 1000ml capacity to fit a range of service cycles
    • Clean, white finish
    • Spray pump dispenses optimum dose of sanitiser
    • Variable dose pump can be set to dispense 0.5ml or 1ml to allow sanitiser consumption to be matched to service cycle
    • Textured, grey operation button for easy, single hand operation
    • Clear plastic lens to easily see when sanitiser needs replenishing
    • Contemporary design
    • Lockable dispenser with unique key
    • Clear icon guides users to apply sanitiser directly onto tissue
    • Reliable Hassle free servicing
    Toilet Roll Holders

    We provide a wide range of quality toilet roll holders for businesses of various sizes and environments. Our toilet roll holders include Mini, Midi, & Maxi Jumbo, Bulk Pack Twin, and many more.

    All our toilet roll holders are lockable with a key, they come in either White, Stainless Steel or Chrome offering ease of service with an inspection window showing you when refilling is required to prevent wastage. 

    A service option is also available by our fully trained service operatives

    Hand Sanitizer

    Top Tip

    Achieve 99.9% germ kill by massaging Hand Santizer into your hands for 30 seconds

    Our Hand Sanitizer effectively sanitises hands, providing a way to keep hands clean and free of harmful germs when there is no soap, water or hand drying facilities available or as a supplementary hand hygiene option.

    This is a highly effective alcohol based formulation that also contains moisturisers so that hands are left soft, moisturised and germ free.


    • Best hand care – Moisturizing ingredients prevent drying and chaffing and keeps skin soft and supple
    • Quick to dry with three dosage settings Mist, Foam & XL
    • Protection at the point of use – With no water required for use, hands can be sanitized at entry points and strategic positions anywhere in the building
    • Quick & Easy installation by our trained service technicians. 
    • Hygienic refills - each bag comes with its own integral dispensing valve, so the risk of bacteria growing on dispensing point is eliminated
    • Choice of dispensers available either manual or auto
    • Hassle free servicing at regular intervals to suit usage requirements.


    • Economical E-bag refill is easier to store and produces less packaging waste when empty.
    • Biodegradable packaging
    • Fully compliant with current EU legislation with labelling that meets new REACH regulations
    • Manufactured with materials and components that are ECHA registered
    • Made in Europe in ISO registered production and warehousing facilities

    Kitchen Grease Degraders

    Our kitchen grease degraders provide a total solution to ensure the smooth running of waste water drainage systems in food preparation environments by preventing blockages and malodour. At the core of our system is an ultra concentrated natural consumable based on specially selected bacteria.

    GD Ultra Compact Grease Degrader

    GD Ultra is a cost-effective and compact grease degrader designed to treat drains in food preparation environments.  Small and easy to install, the system ensures the smooth running of waste water drainage systems by reducing blockages in waste traps and pipes which are usually caused by the build-up of solid food waste. The solution also prevents unpleasant odours and unhygienic conditions which invariably need chemical or mechanical treatment.

    At the core of the system is an ultra concentrated natural consumable based on specially selected bacteria which when dispensed into the drainage system regularly, digest food derived oils, fats and greases and other organic matter. The consumable produces a continuous and renewable supply of highly active enzymes and bacteria, which enables it to continue working between doses.

    Cost Control & Efficiency

    • Ultra concentrated consumable aids efficiency and cost control
    • Consumable continues working between doses and provides longer lasting protection than biological or caustic products
    • Unit uses two D cell batteries, no mains electricity or large batteries required


    • Highly effective environmentally sensitive consumable
    • Consumable will not adversely affect drainage pipes, walls or bondings

    End Customer Satisfaction

    • Avoid malodour, down time and high costs of unblocking drains or even the business being closed down if reported as a statutory nuisance
    • Reduces effluent strength and consequently can reduce disposal costs
    • Creates an improved working environment
    • Attractive, unobtrusive unit design does not disrupt kitchen aesthetics
    • Highly effective environmentally sensitive consumable
    • Ultra concentrated, aids efficiency and cost control
    • Continues working between doses/provides longer lasting protection than biological or caustic products 
    • Will not adversely affect drainage pipes, walls or bondings 

    How does the GD ULTRA consumable work?

    The GD ULTRA consumable is an ultra concentrated natural consumable based upon specially selected grease degrading bacteria. 

    The degrader dispenser ensures that the required amount of consumable is injected into the drain at the optimum time of day to help maintain free flowing drains and to prevent malodour.

    When injected into the drain, the resilient bacteria in the GD Ultra consumable form a ‘bio-film’ in the waste pipe.  This creates a continuous working environment in the pipe and as waste materials move through the drain, the bacteria release highly active enzymes to digest the fat and grease. GD Ultra is continuously active unlike other enzymatic or caustic products which are washed through the pipe allowing minimal contact time to degrade any waste.

    A Biochemistry Lesson

    The 4 step GD ULTRA process:

    • The first stage of fat degradation is the action of the enzyme lipase, secreted by the product bacteria
    • Lipase breaks down fat triglycerides into fatty acids and glycerol
    • The release of fatty acids causes the pH in the grease trap to drop. The bacteria in “GD Ultra” are specially selected to continue working in an acidic environment.
    • The product also contains bacteria especially adept at degrading the long chain fatty acids released by the lipase action.
    • The consumable produces a continuous and renewable supply of highly active enzymes and bacteria, which enables it to continue working between doses.

    • Stylish sleek design
    • Available in White or Chrome
    • Doses at regular intervals throughout the day
    • Battery operated
    • Hassle free servicing by our trained service technicians

    Energy Saving Hand Dryers

    Save 70% on your running costs by switching your hand dryers to Active Washrooms Eco low power draw hand dryers!

    Based on an average washroom usage of 150 dries per day, you could save over 70% of your electricity cost by switching to our Eco dry, low power draw hand dryers, versus a traditional hand dryer.

    Save 97% on your running costs by switching away from paper hand towels to Active Washrooms Eco low power draw hand dryers!

    Based on an average washroom usage of 150 dries per day, you could save over 97% of your cost by switching to to our Eco dry, low power hand dryer versus paper towels, plus all the benefits of reduced servicing and reduced waste disposal.

     Paper Hand Towel Conventional Hand Dryer Active Washroom Eco Hand Dryer
     Annual Running Cost Annual Running CostAnnual Running Cost 
     £1,095.00 £101.60 £27.22

    Calculation based on: 150 uses per day, 365 days per year. 15 second dry time on DP1000S, 35 second dry time on traditional 1600W dryer. 1p per paper towel, 2 towels per hand dry 

    Combining high speed hand drying with efficient low power draw, our powerful energy saving hand dryers offer energy conscious users an ideal eco dry solution which is perfect for high traffic washrooms such as busy shopping centres, Airports, Train Stations & Department Stores. Our Energy saving range of hand dryers are robust yet stylish brushed stainless steel cover, making them a stunning addition to your washrooms.

    Mid Range Hand Dryers

    Our Mid Range of high power 2300W and 2400W automatic hand dryers are available in a choice of classic white or contemporary brushed stainless steel finishes, ideal for high traffic areas such as busy shopping centres, Airports, Train Stations & Department Stores.

    Value Hand Dryers

    Our Value Range are available in white plastic, brushed stainless steel and white metal finishes. Our range of high quality, reliable automatic hand dryers offers you great value for money and are suitable for smaller areas such as staff toilets and hand washing areas.

    Hand Dryer Splash Back Panels

    Don't let your decor and walls get spoilt and dirty from daily hand dryer use, Our hand dryer splash back boards will keep your walls looking smart, clean and incredibly hygienic.

    • Top grade stainless steel
    • Available in either White, Polished, Brushed or Satin finishes. (Custom colours also available).
    • Options of either Pre-Drilled holes with mirror screws and mirror caps, or undrilled with heavy duty double sided tape.
    • High quality finish.
    • Serviced on a twice yearly basis
    • Hassle free servicing
    Hand Towel Dispensers

    Our hand towel dispensers are available in either White, Polished or brushed Chrome finishes that will compliment any washroom decor.

    Our hand towel dispensers provide a constant supply of hygienic paper hand towel, which is available in either White, Green or Blue. Paper towels are dispensed individually to avoid any cross contamination of bacteria.

    Washroom Vending Machines

    Our washroom vending machines are an ideal way of meeting the needs of your staff, visitors and customers without them having to leave your premises. Our slimline vending machines are suitable for smaller washrooms i.e. staff toilets. Products are then automatically dispensed one the correct counts have been inserted. 
    Our larger vending machines are highly popular and capable of dispensing up to six different products including Condoms, Sanitary Towles, Headache Tablets, through to Tights and Mints. We can also supply vending machines capable of vending Disposable Nappies and Nappy Sacks.

    Bulk Clinical Waste Collection





    Our clinical waste services are second to none, we provide various sized external lockable wheelie bins with regular collection services of all types of clinical waste including Nappy and incontinence waste. These robust wheelie bins are suitable for various types of businesses producing bulk waste including Nursing and Residential Homes, Day Nurseries and GP surgeries through to Hospitals and Laboratory's. Our lockable wheelie bins are available in 1100L, 770L, 360L & 240L capacities providing an unrivalled service on time every time.

    Sack Only Collection

    For establishments that produce small amounts of waste, we provide a fully comprehensive sack only collection service that can be tailored to your requirements on either a scheduled or request basis by our trained service personnel.

    First Aid Kits

    Our First Aid Kit service is hassle free and meets with the emergency needs of your staff, visitors and customers should an accident occur. It also shows you as an employer are ensuring the well being of anyone in your workplace.

    The first aid kit service from Active Washrooms is available in either a 10, 20 or 50 person station and the kit is fully serviced at regular intervals ensuring you have the correct stock available to users at all times.

    Baby Changing Tables

    Our Baby Changing Tables & Child Safety seats are suitable for parents to change their babies on whilst out for the day. These can be installed in various types of premises from Shopping Centres through to Nurseries and can be found in Disabled Toilets, Mother & Baby Rooms, and Male & Female Toilets.

    Our Baby Changing Tables and Child Safety Seats are:
    • Wall Mountable
    • Available either in horizontal or vertical
    • Folds flat when not in use
    • Choice of Grey, White or bespoke colours to compliment your decor
    • Lockable Safety Straps
    • Incredibly space saving if space is rather tight on your premiss. 

    Cabinet Roller Towel Service 


            Integra Metro       Integra Premium         Integra Chrome

    Our Roller Towel Service help in removing bacteria and reduce the the risk of cross contamination in the workplace. 
    Why choose Roller Towels? They improve hand hygiene within your workplace and meet the the everyday demands of hygiene, comfort, and cleanliness. Textiles also remove ten times more micro organisms than paper hand towels and can also be a cost effective alternative to paper hand towels and hand dryers. Also they are perfect if your washroom or hand washing area doesn't have a power supply near by.

    Colours available are White, Chrome or Polished stainless steel

    Our Roller Towel Service Includes: 

    • 100% Cotton Towels for strength and absorbency
    • Dedicated laundry service
    • Regular collection and delivery by experienced service personnel
    • Meet Health & Safety requirements
    • Cabinets supplied, installed and maintained free on loan
    • Free spare towel supplied for each cabinet
    • Complies the European Quality Charter for textile hand towel services

    Metro Compact Cotton Towel Cabinet

    METRO is our compact sized cotton roller towel cabinet ideal for smaller washrooms and light usage. The METRO provides hygiene, service and environmental benefits while delivering a ‘comfort like home’ hand drying experience for the end user.

    The consumable used with METRO; the cotton roller towel, is a natural biodegradable product making this system a positive choice for the environment. This cabinet delivers 100 portions of clean towel from a 20m roller towel and is available in classic white.

    Reliability & Durability

    • Over 15 years experience in roller towel cabinet engineering
    • Proven ultra robust mechanism
    • Lockable cabinet to prevent unauthorised access

    Hygiene & Image

    • Used towel isolated from clean towel
    • Central unbreakable mirror

    Ease of Service

    • Instant towel check through transparent reservoir
    • Lock can be located either to maximise fitting options

    Environmentally Friendly

    • Mechanical operation – no external power source required
    • Cotton towels are one and a half times less harmful to the environment than paper equivalents*
    • 100% recyclable components
    • Source ETSA lifecycle analysis study 2007
    • Dedicated laundry service
    • Regular collection and delivery by experienced service personnel
    Subcontracted Work
    Active Washrooms are a leading washroom services company covering the entire UK & Ireland. We supply a subcontracted work service to companies such as Cleaning Contractors, Janitorial Suppliers, Workwear & Laundry Companies, Pest Control and Facilities Management Companies who wish to supply their customers with a quality washroom service.

    We look after many companies such as these who rely on our excellent service and competitive prices on a daily basis. 
    As one of the UK's leading independent washroom service company, you can rely on us to provide an unrivalled level of service on time every time.

    For further information on our subcontracted work service, please speak with a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements with you.

    National Accounts Across The UK?

    If you are looking for a nationwide service provider across the UK, Active Washrooms can help. We have what it takes to provide a nationwide service and can provide your business with a continuous high level of service across multiple sites wherever you are in the UK.

    Whether you are a national high street retailer, financial services company or a group of residential or nursing homes our national accounts team have the experience and the knowledge to be able to tailor your services to your specific requirements. 

    National Accounts Manager

    We will provide you with your own dedicated National Accounts Manager, who will understand your business and who will be on hand either over the telephone or face to face to discuss your account with you. They will be able to offer advice on changing legislations and risk both on a branch and head office level. 

    Opening A New Site Or Branch?

    No problem, your national accounts manager will be on hand to discuss your requirements with you. They will be able to set up your account right through to arranging installation.

    If you are looking at purchasing washroom consumables, please see our Janitorial & Consumables division where we have an extensive range of consumables available. For further information please Click Here

    For further information on our washroom services, please contact our sales team on 0845 475 2358 or Email: washrooms@the-activegroup.co.uk for a quotation.

    For all the latest news, offers, and promotions from Active Washrooms, you can follow us on twitter please CLICK HERE

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