Are you swimming in paperwork? Don't know how to get rid of that back log of confidential papers! Look no further Active Shredding can help. 

Did you know....

Improperly disposing of your documents and other data can leave you, your company, and your customers at risk of identity theft. This is why it’s so important to ensure that all data is thoroughly shredded and destroyed.

Here at Active Shredding we are able to offer you both on site and off site shredding services for for Businesses, Local Authorities, Retail Outlets, Financial Corporations, Public Services and individuals that require a quality confidential shredding service.

We can assure you at all times professional standards, confidentiality and adhere to data protection and environmental laws.

Tailored Shredding Services

Whether you require an annual shred, or a daily collection of confidential documents, we can tailor our service to your specific and exact needs.

Our secure services include:

  • Mobile Shredding.
  • On Site Shredding
  • Off Site Shredding.
  • Commercial & Industrial Shredding.
  • Shredding For Private Individuals.
  • Media Destruction.
  • Uniform Destruction
  • Product Destruction.
  • High Security Shredding For Government Use.
  • Range of Storage Bins.
On Site / Off Site Shredding

With your business and personal information at risk in today's ever changing world, it’s important that your confidential data is disposed of in a secure and safe manner. 
We ensure security standards are never compromised, we provide a secure off site confidential shredding service which protects data at every stage.

Media Destruction

Without taking the necessary precautions to protecting your data, did you know you increase your vulnerability and chance of electronic data theft. By Choosing Active Shredding we can securely collect your confidential media and securely dispose of it which is key to ensuring your confidential media doesn't get in to the wrong hands.

Types of media includes:

  • Memory Sticks 
  • DVD's, CDs & USBs
  • CCTV Recordings
  • SIM Cards 
  • Memory Cards
Uniform Destruction

Its important to protect your brand and company identity of your officially branded uniforms, this is why you should have any unwanted or worn company uniforms destroyed when they are no longer required. 
If you don't who might get hold of your unwanted uniforms? You could then find yourself a victim of crimes that can be detrimental to your company. Government agencies must also ensure they protect the public by destroying all unwanted uniforms.

If criminals possess a company uniform, there is nothing stopping them from posing as an employee of a company or authority and gaining entry to your business.

IT Destruction

Did you know while businesses are beginning to recognise that safe and secure disposal of electronic waste such as Computers, Servers, Hard Drives & other IT Equipment is a good step toward becoming environmentally friendly, many companies often overlook another issue it helps them address protecting their data.

Active Shredding can collect various types of IT equipment from your premises and securely destroy it giving you peace of mind that your redundant IT equipment doesn't fall in to the wrong hands.

Types of IT disposal includes:

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Laptops
  • Hard Drives
  • Hand Held Tablets
  • Mobile Phones
  • Pagers
  • Telephones & Telephone Systems
In addition to our confidential shredding and destruction services, we also supply a complete range Wheelie Bins for storing your confidential documents in, including Lockable Cabinets, and Desk Size Recycling Bins, Trays & Boxes.

Lockable Cabinets

Our lockable cabinets are perfect for disposing of your confidential waste in to, upon delivery of your cabinet our service operative will lock the cabinet after each service meaning your cabinet cannot be opened by anyone other than our service personnel, keeping your sensitive material safe until your next service. 

Recycling Bins


Our open recycling bins are ideal for disposing of less confidential material in to such as paper & cardboard. These can be conveniently located anywhere in your workplace and are easy to move around the office.

If you are looking for archive document storage, please see our archive storage division where we have a wide range of services available. For further information please  Click Here

For further information on our confidential shredding & destruction services, please contact our sales team on 0845 475 2358 or Email: 

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