Active Laundries are able to supply an extensive range of linen and workwear products that provide an ideal selection to the end user. Our national coverage means we are well positioned to provide you with the best levels of service possible.

Our linen services are aimed at various types of businesses including Hotels, Bars & Restaurants, Cafe's, B&B's, Coffee Shops, Garages and many other types of businesses that require a quality laundry service.

Table Linen

For your customers its all about first impressions, which can be lasting impressions. Your table linen can play a massive part in your business and speak volumes about your service.

If Its quality and style your looking for, Active Laundries can advise you on the table linen you'll need to run your restaurant.

Coloured table linen is also available upon request.

Chefs Wear Service 

Our Chefswear laundry service is something that meets with the modern day kitchen, Our chefs wear can be tailored to your particular needs and requirements where ever you are in the UK. Whether you have a single site operation or have multiple sites across the UK who require a national service.

We offer everything from Chefs Jackets & Troussers to Aprons and Skull Caps and everything in-between including Oven Cloths, T-Towels, Waiters Cloths and more. As an independent company you can rest assured your in good hands and your chefs wear will be on time every time. Should you wish to undertake our service your items will be delivered on a designated day by a dedicated service driver. 

We know that when it comes to looking for a professional service, your staff want your garments to be beautifully clean and looking the best.

Food Industry Workwear



Active Laundries is a leading Workwear Provider, with a range of services designed specifically to help you meet your food safety obligations.

We can source, badge, clean and maintain your workwear for you, This saves you time, money and effort. Over 1,000 businesses already rely on us to manage their workwear for them every day.

We have an extensive range of food hygiene workwear which can be industrially laundered Our workwear range includes everything you'll need to be fully compliant with current food hygiene regulations and practices. Our range includes;

  • Chefs Wear
  • Polo shirts
  • Tabards
  • T-shirts
  • Trousers
  • Jackets
  • Overalls
  • Bakers shirts

Bed Linen

Whatever your linen requirements, we have a superior collection of bed linen available. We are fully knowledgable when it comes to choosing linen whether you have a small B&B or Gueshouse, a single hotel or chain of hotels we have a range of linen available for you. We can taylor our linen service around you, then agree on a specific delivery day to suit your business.

Help Remove Bacteria In Your Workplace

Cotton towels produce almost 50% less greenhouse gas emissions compared with paper towels

Laundered Towels

We offer a wide range of laundered hand and bath towels, whether you have a small Guesthouse or a large hotel, gymnasium or require towels for your executive washroom we are able to provide you with fresh laundered towels direct to your workplace. In addition to laundered towels we also offer laundered Face Cloths, Bath Mats, Bath Robes and T-Towles.

 Tea Towel Service

We provide a wide range of laundered tea towels on a laundered rental service, Its important for business owners to provide adequate means of drying facilities to maintain a positive image for staff. 

Our tea towels are an economical effective drying option for many environments including commercial kitchens, staff kitchens, canteens and any other business requiring a quality laundered tea towel service.

Benefits of a laundered tea towel service

  • Fully washable & hygienically maintained
  • 100% cotton for greater absorbency
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Reduce litter problems in kitchen areas
  • Choice of colours
  • Full customer service support
  • Delivery & collection by our trained service personnel
  • Service frequencies to suit your requirements, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • National service coverage available
Did you know?

Tea Towels remove the need to have paper towel waste picked up, This reduces sack waste removal and refuse costs. A further reduction in cleaning time required to collect and remove used paper towels, can result in an estimated annual cost saving of 40%3 when switching from paper towels to tea towels.

All of Active Laundries roller towels and tea towels are accredited for environmental friendliness in the EU. 

Wiper Service

If your business uses rags or cloths for cleaning oil or other hazardous substances, you need to be registered with the Environment Agency under the Hazardous Waste Regulations.

What do you need to do?

The action you need to take will depend on the type of hazardous waste your business generates,
but you will need to;

Ensure that hazardous waste is collected and disposed of separately.

Register as a producer of hazardous waste with the Environment.

Establish how your current waste contractor collects waste to ensure that they fully comply with the
new regulations.

Registering for waste licensing can include hidden administration, management and control costs, including the cost of purchasing your own cloths.

If you do not use a licensed waste contractor, your company could be prosecuted if either directly or indirectly the company ‘causes or permits’a polluting or hazardous material to enter an area. The maximum penalty for not complying with the new regulations is £5000. 

Save money lost through the expense of replacing paper wipers and disposable cloths

Our industrial wiper service includes many great benefits...

  • Tough
  • Recyclable
  • Workshop wipers
  • Woven cotton wipers for high absorbency and strength 
  • Regular collection & delivery by our trained service personnel
  • Systems to control and monitor wiper use on your premises
  • Low weekly rental costs
  • Very strong and hard wearing Removes water, oil and grease
  • Hassle free servicing by our trained service personnel
  • We are accredited with the Environment Agency

Workwear Rental

If you run a Workshop, Body Repair Centre or Production Facility, you'll require workwear such as boiler suits and overalls for your staff. Active Laundries can help you create the right image, keeping your staff clean at the same time.

    Garment Locker Provision

Personalised Locker Service

How Can A Personalised Locker Service Work For My Business?

Our range of locker services are designed to keep your your workwear garments safe, secure, clean and tidy on your premises. Our Lockers provide each your staff with their own locker containing their workwear for the week ahead.

Our locker service will help save time, money and space. 

Our locker service It will also eliminate problems of queuing, security, damage and the complicated administration sometimes involved with providing workwear to your staff.

Our locker service includes:

  • On-premises collection and distribution of garments
  • 24 hour access for wearers
  • Lockers matched to wearer’s individually-coded garments
  • Garments can be delivered directly to lockers
  • On-site management if required
  • Lockers connect to form appropriate banks
  • Soiled garments ‘posted’ into separate collector
  • Wide range of configurations

On Site Garment Collection

Our workwear rental service can include on-site collection and distribution of garments, where your garments are delivered and put into your personal lockers ready for your workforce to wear, with dirty garments removed for cleaning.

Laundered Floor Sweeper Service 

Its common knowledge thats floors are susceptible to dirt and dust on a daily basis and your floor sweepers take a huge task on a daily basis. Have you thought about how to keep them clean? Its ok for your cleaning staff to give your floor sweepers a quick vacuum at the end of each shift but simply vacuuming them on a daily basis doesn't necessarily get rid of all the dirt your floor sweepers collect.

This is where Active Laundries can help, by having our laundered floor sweeper service on a weekly or fortnightly basis you can rest assure your floor sweepers are being professionally laundered and returned like new.

So how does this service work?

On a weekly or fortnightly basis our service personnel will attend your site and simply exchange your dirty floor sweepers for freshly laundered ones.

Can i own my own floor sweepers, and just pay for you to launder them?

Yes its up to you, if you own your own floor sweepers you can simply have Active Laundries collect your dirty floor sweepers and launder them for you. Active Laundries will simply bar code your floor sweepers in order to ensure you always receive your own floor sweepers back on every service visit.

Our floor sweepers are ideal for various types of environments including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Sports Complexes, Warehouses & Distribution Centres, through to Shopping Centres & Department Stores.

In addition, our laundered floor sweeper service means theres no need to constantly replace your equipment.

Our floor sweepers are available in various sizes including 18, 24, 30 and 42 Inches and are suitable for various types of floors e.g. Vinyl, Marble, Wood, Ceramic etc.

Repair Service

We offer a fully comprehensive garment repair service, on all garments  

Cabinet Roller Towel Service


If you are looking for a cabinet roller towel service, please see our washrooms division where we have an extensive range of cabinet roller towel services available. For further information please CLICK HERE

National Accounts Across The UK?

If you are looking for a nationwide service provider across the UK, Active Laundries can help. We have what it takes to provide a nationwide service and can provide your business with a continuous high level of service across multiple sites wherever you are in the UK.

Whether you are a national chain of hotels or restaurants, our national accounts team have the experience and the knowledge to be able to tailor your services to your specific requirements. 

National Accounts Manager

We will provide you with your own dedicated National Accounts Manager, who will understand your business and who will be on hand either over the telephone or face to face to discuss your account with you. They will be able to offer advice on changing legislations and risk both on a branch and head office level. 

Opening A New Site Or Branch?

No problem, your national accounts manager will be on hand to discuss your requirements with you. They will be able to set up your account right through to arranging installation.

If you are looking for entrance matting, please see our entrance matting division where we have an extensive range of entrance, logo and other mat services available. For further information please CLICK HERE

For further information on our laundry services, please contact our sales team on 0845 475 2358 or Email: for a quotation.