Active Waterpoint offer a range of water cooler solutions to cater for your specific needs whether you are a small independent business or a large organisation. We can tailor our service to your specific needs and requirements without spending a fortune. 

As a new company Active Waterpoint has been developed following in depth market research and customer feed back in to supplying a complete service solution. Unlike some of the larger water cooler companies, we listen to your exact requirements and tailor our water cooler service around you to suit your specific needs. 

This means you can pick and choose the exact service package you are looking for, whilst many water cooler companies are moving away from bottled water coolers, Active Waterpoint supply both mains fed and bottled water coolers.

Our Water Coolers are suitable for various types of establishments including:

  • Offices
  • Health & Fitness Centres
  • Gyms
  • Schools & Collages
  • Banks & Building Societys 
  • Reception Areas
  • Staff Canteens
  • Doctors & Dental Waiting Rooms 

Bottled Water Cooler Range

"Our standard bottled water coolers are available either in white or chrome finishes"

Our bottled water coolers are ideal for areas where it proves difficult to run a mains fed water supply to, our water coolers are serviced at regular intervals throughout the year and include the supply of bottled water, which will be delivered direct to your premises.
Upon arrival on to your premises our service technician will exchange empty bottles for full ones whilst being on hand should you have any questions regarding your water cooler. 

Mains Fed Water Coolers

Desk Top Water Coolers

With more businesses, schools and local authorities having water coolers installed, its important to note the advantages of using these convenient water coolers.
By having a water cooler installed by Active Waterpoint you can rest assure that you'll have permanent chilled water on tap.

Our desk top water coolers are ideal if floor space in tight, our desktop water coolers have all the features of our floor standing water coolers only smaller in size.
These can be positioned almost anywhere from Staff Kitchens to the corner of the office.

Wall Mounted Water Boilers

Our wall mounted boilers give you instant boiling water on tap whenever you need it. Our water boilers are suitable for various areas including Offices, Staff Canteens, School Staff Rooms and many more.  

Water Fountains

Our water fountain range is ideal for schools, collages and hospitals and provide permanently chilled water.


We stock a wide variety of water cooler consumables ranging from plastic drinking cups to drip trays and mats to cup holders. 

"Bottled or Mains Fed Water Coolers, Its Up To You"

If you are looking serviced water cooler mats, please see our entrance matting division where we have a wide range of serviced mats available. For further information please CLICK HERE

For further information on our range of water coolers, please contact our sales team on 0845 475 2358 or Email: